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  1. Go to
  2. Select "Extensions" tab
  3. Scroll down and try to click "Like" (thumbs up).

I get the little gray dialog box: "Log in to rate".

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However, I can't find a way to login without registering, and the only registration I can find is for "Hosting your Extension(s) (Registration)" which doesn't exactly make sense, as I just want to vote, and am not interested in hosting an extension.

How does one vote at Do I need to sign up as a hoster to gain this privilege? If I try that I get this:

Hosting your Extension(s)

Please leave a short description of your template project below. Important Information: You do not need an account to download extensions from! Hosting your Extension on the LibreOffice Extensions Site: Submit the form below in case you created a LibreOffice extension and want to publish it at the LibreOffice Extensions Site. Please upload your extension after you have received the credentials. Projects without files will be deleted after two weeks without further notice!

(BTW, the reCAPTCHA below asking if I'm a human or robot, just came up with Arabic text just now). ???

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