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When I delete an equation, the equation numbers aren't updated

asked 2016-10-15 18:40:42 +0200

saulspatz gravatar image

In Writer, I have entered some equations after typing "fn" and then pressing F3, to get equation numbers on the right. SoI have equations 1 through 7, say. If I now delete equation 5, the numbers on the last two equations are still 6 and 7. I can type over them to make the numbers 5 and 6, but then next equation I enter will still be numbered 8. I deleted the equation by just highlighting and pressing the Delete key. What should I have done?

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answered 2016-10-15 22:15:51 +0200

ajlittoz gravatar image

The macro-expansion fn creates a 2-column table: the left cell contains the equation, the right cell the number. When you erase an equation, you must make sure the table is also erased.

I recommend you enable Table->Table boundaries and View->Non printing characters so that you can see all the internal LO structures used to support your requests.

You will likely discover empty tables where your equations were written.

Put the cursor in any cell of these empty tables, then Table->Delete->Table and your numbering sequence should now be correct.

The fn AutoText associated a number with the tables. Erasing the cell where the variable is displayed does not delete the occurrence, while deleting the table does.

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