Export to PDF options Footnotes with returns and passwords

asked 2016-10-17 07:00:27 +0200

MikeLieberman gravatar image

I am new to using LibreOffice. I am moving off a Windows platform and on to Linux Mint. I have MS Office documents with footnotes and your product opens the files up and displays the footnotes properly! Thank you!

However I also have to save the files as PDFs. There are two issues I have run into.

  1. When exporting a PDF from LibreOffice, it does the footnote DOES link from the footnote embedded in the text, but the return link does not work. (When done reading the footnote, there is no link to take me back to the text. It does work in the document as opened in LibreOffice, so it there an option I did not understand (possibly) that would have allowed this?

  2. Security: I have Acrobat Pro on the Windows platform and not on the Linux, so this was not a issue for Word, but as there is no Acrobat for Linux... well, I want to set security to disallow copying, but I do not want to require a password to open the document. I can do this with Acrobat. You have two password sections in your Security dialog box, but it currently requires both to be filled in. Is there a work around?

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