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Shortcut key for Exchange Presenter and Display screen in Impress

asked 2016-10-28 13:18:18 +0200

JohnLines gravatar image

If I start a presentation (actually being started by calling Impress from OpenLP, but I think this applies as a more general case), and it happens to start with the Display screen on my laptop, and the presenter console being shown to the audience, it would be very useful to have a short cut key (similar to Control+1 etc, to swap the screens over.

Is there such a key, and I have not found it ?.

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answered 2019-08-01 20:39:31 +0200

I have this same problem still in August 2019.

OpenLP 2.4.6 changing my Impress "Presentation Display" setting within Impress.

Impress works and will keep the setting I choose, until I attempt to display a presentation in OpenLP in the service. Open LP always displays the Presentation on the local screen when it goes live.

It does let me click to swap the displays on the Projector display screen, but no one should ever have to watch me click the swap monitors on the projector screen for every presentation. This also means that the next time I want to use Impress without OpenLP have have to change the "Presentation Display" again.

If I do use the swap monitors on the projector screen for the first presentation in the service manager, when I get to the 2nd presentation in the service manager the setting within Impress will be changed again and I am forced to manually swap the monitors again.

I'm with you and haven't found a solution here either!

The only other work around I know is to basically not use Impress in OpenLP. We can run Presentations directly from Impress and even press F5 and make it go full screen on our projector while OpenLP is running and taking priority over Impress. OpenLP will remain in the forefront on the projector screen until we press the "Show Desktop" button in OpenLP. This is seemless for viewers, but not ideal if the guy running controls can't be standing at the computer to click "Show Desktop" at appropriate times and Preload Impress in the background of OpenLP for every presentation that day.

Libre / OpenLP - Please fix this behavior, or let me know of a setting to prevent it.

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