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to open odb form or odt form default full screen mode

asked 2016-11-03 06:49:59 +0200

koolninja gravatar image

i want to load the odb form or odt form default full screen mode on startup.

pl's share any idea or trick to perform following task


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answered 2016-11-03 07:07:16 +0200

Ratslinger gravatar image

Here are two posts you can put together for your answer.

Macro to start a specific form at startup - click here.

On this post (click here) you have two choices - macro to open form full screen or macro to open form without toolbars and menus (you can add a line of code here to resize the window to your needs).

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Thanks worthy links..

koolninja gravatar imagekoolninja ( 2016-11-04 07:07:04 +0200 )edit
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