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Office Draw how to daw a box showing one side

asked 2016-11-18 17:48:55 +0200

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I am trying to draw a box with one or two sides showing. and even 3, there must be an easier way than cropping off the sides.

Thanks Ray

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answered 2016-11-19 07:34:32 +0200

pierre-yves samyn gravatar image


I am not sure to understand (my poor english... sorry). I you want something like (e.g. 3 sides):


  • Draw a rectangle,
  • Right clickConvertTo Curve
  • ModifyBreak
  • Select the side to be deleted▸Del

According to your needs you can then reconvert the object (select all, ModifyConnect, convert to bitmapt, etc.).

Also possible tu reuse you drawing:

  • Create a new theme in the Gallery (if you do not already have one),
  • Select your drawing and keep the left mouse click pressed (1 or 2 seconds). The cursor changes to indicate that you can move the mouse without moving the drawing.
  • Drag and drop into the gallery


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