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How to recognize an external data cell

asked 2016-11-20 12:15:06 +0200

janvlug gravatar image

I have a Calc spreadsheet with a cell that contains external data from another Calc spreadsheet.
How can I see that this cell contains a link to external data. If I click on the cell, I just see the value of the external data. In the menu Edit|Links... I can see that there is a link to another document, but I cannot see where it is located in the referencing document.
I would expect something like an indicator that a cell is referencing external data, for example a menu option when right clicking the cell that indicates that the cell references external data. So, how can I see that a specific cell references external data?

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answered 2016-11-20 12:25:40 +0200

janvlug gravatar image

Press F5 to open the Navigator window. Inside there is a 'Linked areas' section. In this section are the cells that contain linked data. Double click on it to select the cell containing the linked data.

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