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it is impossible to use the code from the example

asked 2016-11-21 19:14:06 +0100

Dmitriy_Kovalev gravatar image

I use libreoffice sdk + Qt creator c++. I took the example of DocumentLoader.cxx code in my function in Qt project. I include in .pro file libs

INCLUDEPATH += $$(OO_SDK_HOME)\include LIBS += -L$$(OO_SDK_HOME)\lib -licppu LIBS += -L$$(OO_SDK_HOME)\lib -licppuhelper LIBS += -L$$(OO_SDK_HOME)\lib -lipurpenvhelper LIBS += -L$$(OO_SDK_HOME)\lib -lisal LIBS += -L$$(OO_SDK_HOME)\lib -lisalhelper

but arise error undefined reference to `cppu::defaultBootstrap_InitialComponentContext()'

how to fix it ?

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answered 2017-07-14 09:32:56 +0100

vmiklos gravatar image

Please read here on how to set up the SDK:

In short:

  • you should build your code within the SDK environment, which is a special shell (with environment variables properly set up)
  • you can use any editor to modify the code (qt creator, vim, emacs, etc) but don't expect that IDE features like code completion works
  • you can do your own setup of the SDK with a manually crafted .pro file, but then you're on your own

Hope this helps. :-)

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