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Why is Windows version LibreOffice so large? [closed]

asked 2012-11-26 08:40:22 +0200

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Hi, I am confused that why LibreOffice uses so large disk space in Windows 7. I have tried both OpenOffice and LibreOffice in Linux and Windows, respectively, finding that both Open and Libre used about 300 MB disk space in Linux. However, in Windows 7, LibreOffice demands 1+ GB disk space while OpenOffice only needs about 300 MB. So, my questions is, why Windows version LibreOffice occupies larger disk space?

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I did not know that Dictionaries and Interface Languages require so large disk space. Thanks a lot!

GG gravatar imageGG ( 2012-11-29 14:09:24 +0200 )edit

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answered 2012-11-26 17:14:14 +0200

Pedro gravatar image

Under Windows by default LibreOffice installs all dictionaries and all interface languages. Each OpenOffice installer only contains one language. Therefore the installer is smaller and less disk space is used.

If you do a Custom install in LibreOffice and unselect all items you don't need (in fact it's easier to unselect the whole Dictionaries and Interface Languages item and then just pick the few you need) you will reach the same installed size.

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