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Compatibility Issues between Libre Office and Office 2007

asked 2016-12-04 17:29:56 +0100

stephenpnz gravatar image

Hi there, I've recently been working on my manuscript for my book that is being released shortly. It has been saved as a Microsoft Office 2007-2013 .docx file since I exported it from Scrivener in January this year. Since then it has been through ten different revisions but has always remained an Office file. The Friday before last I received an edit back from my copyeditor and went through accepting the majority of her changes using Libre Office. When it was done I saved it under a new file name .docx and resent it to her for the final proofread. After she received the document, she noticed that a number of the changes she had made during the edit hadn't been changed (for example there were a number of timestamps that I had changed in Libre Office and saved but on her computer in Office 2007 they were showing up the same as they were in the original document I sent her. While other changes appear to have made it across). She finished her next round of proofreading and resent the document to me, now I am finding a number of issues with the document that were addressed and corrected in the original copyedit. The only thing that makes any sense to me is that there must be a compatibility issue or bug somewhere here because I have been meticulous in trying to get everything perfect, and she's been very careful too. This is frustrating as it is costing me time and money... What can I do? I can't post my manuscript files up here for everyone to see due to copyright reasons, but I would be willing to send them to an individual to examine as long as they agree to keeping them private.

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Update LO. is old and every new version improves format supports among others.

rautamiekka gravatar imagerautamiekka ( 2016-12-04 23:27:34 +0100 )edit

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answered 2016-12-04 23:15:16 +0100

floris v gravatar image

Rule number 1 for working with any brand of office software: always save in the native format. Rule number 2: as long as you don't have to share your work with somebody who doesn't have your office software, save it in the native format of your office software. Only convert to a foreign format when you absolutely have to.

Office file formats aren't 100 % compatible for very ugly reasons: it's not in the interest of commercial developers that their file format is 100 % compatible with the file formats of their competitors (vendor lock-in). For that reason MS is always updating its file formats. And for that reason you will always have compatibility issues with complex features of a word processor or spreadsheet. If you use LibreOffice as a clone of MS Office for business, think again: you will spend more time and money on compatibility issues than you save by not buying MS Office.

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