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make at least one of a number of fields required

asked 2016-12-05 04:21:56 +0200

In a database table I have 3 fields: HomePhone, WorkPhone and MobilePhone I want to make a phone number required, but not all three nor any specific one. Is there a way to make it so that as long as any one of the three fields is filled out then the other two are not required. There may of course be other ways of doing the same thing, like having a required PrimaryPhone field and linking it to one of the three fields...

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answered 2016-12-05 05:10:29 +0200

Ratslinger gravatar image

There are a few ways to accomplish what you want but my initial response is for you to use your last suggestion. Have a primary phone field (required) with a second single digit field as to type. Also have a type field for each of the other two phone fields.

To complete the answer, you could create a "trigger" in the database. This cannot be done with the default embedded database in Base. Some changes are necessary and further knowledge of databases is necessary. This process would occur (if properly set) when a new record was created or an existing record was changed.

Another method would be to write a macro to check if one of the three was input. Obviously, knowledge in writing macros is necessary and not especially easy to learn.

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Thanks Ratslinger. I found out about the embedded database drawbacks right after I asked this question, so I am once again starting from scratch. It is just another can of worms to add to the skids thereof piling up. It could take days, months or years until I sort through enough worms to get back to this point.

Being a craftsman I am trying to use a computer/software to get things done more efficiently, that turns out to be a ruse, so far it has only increased my workload hundredfold.

Zoidman gravatar imageZoidman ( 2016-12-05 21:42:34 +0200 )edit
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