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MailMerge on MAC OSX

asked 2016-12-08 22:36:41 +0200

MisterWooley gravatar image

Sorry but yet another question on mailMerge. I cannot see that it needs to be this hard. I have tried endless suggestion on this and other forums with no sucess.

The problem, cannot get more than one page with merged data after saving merged document to file. Steps I am using. 1. Create data source in excel format 2. Create document in Writer 3. Run mail merge wizard 4. Locate data source, create filter to select records, navigate to and add field of interest 5. Using MailMerge toolbar use the ">" button to scroll through merge. All 8 data records show correctly where the inserted field is in the created document 6. Help

So I can scroll through all data and all is correct. But what now? Save Merged Documents seems to be an obvious choice or File Print followed by yes to "Do you want to print a form letter". Either way the result is a saved merged document with 8 pages but all are blank save one, the one that is displayed when save merged document is clicked.

What I would have expected is a button that says Merge but as far as I can see there is not.

I want to save a merged document so that individual pages of a single merged document can be edited.

Update Links when loading is set to Never: View Hidden paragraphs is unselected. Could this be because I have not included "Next Record" in the document? I have not as it seems not to be doing anything when it is clicked.

I would be very grateful for suggestions

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answered 2016-12-08 23:18:39 +0200

MisterWooley gravatar image

updated 2016-12-09 00:01:32 +0200

Umm! More info. With a brand new document containing the same inserted field clicking "Edit individual Documents" does work as expected. So a problem with my document? It contains a textbox with text and a frame with text and the inserted data field. Add that to my working simple document. That works tool.

My failed document is formatted with two columns, my test document is not, change failed document to a single column, merge still fails as before.

Perhaps I need to recreate the entire document? I can do but its a real pain.

Ok. Fixed but I don't know how or why. Original failed document created from scratch and formatted as before, frames, textbox, size, position, style. "Edit individual Documents" always produces the required result.

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