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Bring Over Row To New Sheet If Criteria Is Met.

asked 2016-12-20 11:04:30 +0100

bdenn gravatar image

Hello, I've tried to find out how to bring over an entire row over to another sheet if it contain the Name I want.

I think I've done this in Google Sheets using "Sort"

So I have content in Cells A - E. (Sheet: Employee) (Range: A6:E1000) A: Date B: Employee C: Department D: Hours E: Notes

In a new sheet (Sheet: Bob) The name of the employee will be in cell A1. (A1 Will be exactly the same name from the employee sheet) If the name in A1 is located in the employee sheet, I want to display Columns, A, C, D, E. From Sheet: Employee, Range: A6:E1000 (NOT COLUMN B FROM EMPLOYEE SHEET) Also, The Employee name will repeat through out the Employee Sheet. So Bob Could Be on row 2, 5, 10, 100 and so on.

On The Bob Sheet This formula will be located in cell A14. From The data in The Employee Sheet Display As: A: Date B: Department C: Hours D: Notes (We are not bringing over the employee name, located in Employee Sheet, Column B)

Each employee will have there own sheet and will bring in all the data from the employee sheet.

After the template is created, I want to be able to duplicate the sheet and place a different employee name is cell A1 and have it populate the same information.

Thanks So Much!!! Bdenn.

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For what reason do you want (need?) an extra sheet per person? Generally this is regarded bad design.
Keep and maintain additional data in the main sheet, and create a reporting sheet referencing these data in a second format based on a key (name e.g.) entered into one (or a few) cells.
(I hope you don't try to manage crucial data for 1000 employees by spreadsheets. There is also a limit to the number of sheets.)

Lupp gravatar imageLupp ( 2016-12-20 11:42:33 +0100 )edit

What OP wants needs a macro script. But this type of design and software usage is so wrong. If Calc was used as a frontend to the database I suppose it'd be good enough given it's easier to use, if that connection is even possible (haven't checked).

rautamiekka gravatar imagerautamiekka ( 2016-12-20 12:17:59 +0100 )edit

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answered 2016-12-20 14:07:29 +0100

bdenn gravatar image

so there is no simple formula that is column b holds a name that you can populate cells A B C D on a different sheet? If that name matches?

I'm trying to make a simple sheet which each employee having there own based of the primary sheet. There is only a few employees. but the employee sheet is to enter in info about each employee on a weekly bases. Just some information is different per person. so some of the information is created on the employee sheet and the other half of the info that does not change but is different per employee is on there individual sheet.

Thanks, Bdenn

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