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printer and pdfs are 3/4 size

asked 2016-12-22 18:06:41 +0200

Jaybo2002 gravatar image

I print on a Canon printer using windows 10. Old documents used to print fine, but now all documents and all label mergers are useless because of the shrinkage. Pdfs also are recorded at this reduced size. The documents are letter size, show on writer's preview correctly, but on the printer preview they are about 3/4 size. The printer works normally for other applications.

I request help because LO is useless if you can't print.

Thank you,


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1 Answer

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answered 2016-12-22 21:39:19 +0200

Jaybo2002 gravatar image

Found the answer on this blog:

"Restore a Default Profile"

This took care of the printing problem.

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