Problem with autocorrect

asked 2016-12-25 03:03:12 +0200

joangg gravatar image

When I right-click in a word marked by the autocorrector the dialogue with the options doesn't appear until 2 seconds or so (video: This happens in the 5.2.X versions and in the preliminary versions of 5.3, but doesn't happen in the 5.1.X and earlier versions. I use the 64 bit version, but I've tried with the 32 bit version and the problem is still there.

I want to add that I don't think the problem is my computer, since this happens in my laptop too (I use Windows 10 and both are high-end computers), the problem is in all the programs of LibreOffice, this happens with all the languages I use (catalan, spanish and english), and if I try to right-click on a blank space or in a selected text the dialogue appears instantly.

I hope someone can tell me if this is a bug or if it's possible that there is a problem with my configuration or some of my dictionaries. Thanks in advance.

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