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Cannot open LibreOffice anymore

asked 2017-01-05 11:51:56 +0200

roberto2525 gravatar image

When I open LibreOffice (Start>LibreOffice), I get the following message with an OK button:

LibreOffice 5.1 Fatal Error

The application cannot be started. [context="shared"] caught unexpected the name contained invalid characters

I click the OK button and the dialog window disappears with no LibreOffice opening.

I get this same message if I try to double click a word document.

How can I resolve this?


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2 Answers

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answered 2017-02-02 17:09:42 +0200

GJim gravatar image

I don't have an answer, but I'm having the same issue.

My system is Kubuntu 16.10 LTS, with KDE and xFce. This problem started about 10 days ago.

I've completely purged LO from my system, did a re-boot, installed LO 5.3 from .debs -- still the same message when I attempt to start LO.

~~~ The application cannot be started. [context="shared"] caught unexpected a folder could not be created ~~~

The message suggests that there is a permissions issue, but not enough info in the error message to know what folder is involved.

G-Jim c):{-

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answered 2017-02-03 01:32:51 +0200

robleyd gravatar image

See if helps

Also check if there are any LibreOffice elements running in the background - task manager on Windows and look for soffice, or use ps ax |grep soffice on Linux

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No other LO elements running, soffice not showing in processes using System Monitor. Several font folders under usr/share/fonts, so I don't think that's the problem with my system. I think that '' is the module that generates the error message -- but still not enough information to track down the permissions issue. If I try to directly execute 'oosplash', I get the same error message as shown in my previous message below.


GJim gravatar imageGJim ( 2017-02-03 09:59:34 +0200 )edit
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