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Installation on Linpus problem [closed]

asked 2012-12-02 12:28:22 +0200

anonymous user


updated 2013-06-14 23:57:45 +0200

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Hello everyone. I am a complete linux newbie, and I got Linpus installed on my laptop when I bought it. I'm not even sure about the version.

I am having problem with the installation. Following the instructions given in the readme file, when I unpack the downloaded file, I go to RPMS directory, open it in terminal. Use su command to sign in as administrator. Then I use the command yum install *.rpm. I get prompted to download 390MB, I say yes. Then a lot of dialogues appear and at the bottom I get NotImplementedError and the command stops. I have no idea what it means and nor I know how to proceed and how to install it. Obviously no files have been downloaded.

Does anyone have any solution to this problem? Thank you

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answered 2012-12-24 08:48:34 +0200

qubit gravatar image

Hi @Anonymous,

I don't know much about Linpus beyond the fact that it's derived from Fedora.

When you say "Following the instructions given in the readme file..." -- is that a README file included in Linpus packages, or is that something that you've downloaded directly from the LibreOffice website?

Is there a Linpus-specific support forum? I wonder if someone there might have direct experience installing LibreOffice on this distro.

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