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How do I keep cross-references in subdocuments from mixing up in a master document? [closed]

asked 2012-12-03 00:48:23 +0100

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updated 2020-10-28 13:16:44 +0100

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I am working on a master document with multiple subdocuments that use the improvised autotext equation numbering technique. Until now, I had not worried about how Libreoffice managed this cross-references internally.

It turns out that while in each individual subdocument the cross-references to the equations work, in the master document they tend to mix up and more frequently get lost, i.e. show the message "Error: Reference not found" instead of an actual value.

How can I fix this? This is the workspace

Notice how when you first open the files all the references are right, but upon a single global update of the document, the "Error: Reference not found" messages start popping around.

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If you were to open the embedded contents.xml of a file, you would see that the actual "unique" name of an equation reference is always refTextN where N is the equation number. That's just a recipe for disaster in a master document case, I must have like three different refText1 references!

Wolter gravatar imageWolter ( 2012-12-03 00:51:30 +0100 )edit

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answered 2012-12-03 06:17:00 +0100

Jean-Baptiste FAURE gravatar image

You should try to define your sequence for equations numbering in the master, not in the sub-documents.

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I would have tried but subdocuments don't seem to be naturally editable, and even once removing write protection, saving the master document won't save changes to the edited subdocuments.

Wolter gravatar imageWolter ( 2012-12-07 00:41:54 +0100 )edit

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