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EDIT: Document is on Mac OSX

I have a 20,000 word document, which is composed in a 5 column table that spreads across multiple pages. There is only one content row in the table, and one table heading row. Most of the content is in column one.

When I reopen the file after closing it, I'm having a problem where the table disappears off the page - after page one. It just trails off the page, behind the footer. All the content is still in the table but it is not visible.

I have tried changing all the text flow settings in the table properties, and nothing seems to help! The way that it is set up is "Allow table to split across pages and columns", "Allow row to break across pages and columns", and "repeat heading" - but changing all these settings has not fixed the problem.

Copying the content of the table into a new table in a new file works, but I find it requires some reformatting to balance the content of the columns again.

If I add a new row to the table, the new row appears on the second page, and most of the first row remains hidden off-page.

Is this a bug?

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(1) Which file format do you have used when saving? (2) Change menu View > Web. Is the table then completely visible?

Regina gravatar imageRegina ( 2017-01-17 20:31:52 +0100 )edit