Can I convert an encrypted Excel file from the command line? [closed]

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I have a use case which involves converting an encrypted Excel file to csv on the command line. I've looked at the documentation but I can't find a way to supply a password to the command programs I'm aware of. Here's what I've tried (without a password, hoping for a prompt or something):

$ libreoffice --convert-to csv text.xls
Error: source file could not be loaded
$ unoconv text.xls
unoconv: RuntimeException during import phase:
Office probably died. Unsupported URL <text.xls>: "from LoadEnv::initializeLoading"

I thought that perhaps I should provide the document password to the spreadsheet filter. The best documentation I could find is here, but there's nothing about passwords. Is there any way to accomplish what I'm trying to do? Thanks in advance.

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