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vlookup not returning any results

asked 2017-02-01 09:50:05 +0200

sven gravatar image

Morning all

at least Morning where I am. I have a issuer with the vlookup function. I create a new one, fill in all the fields correctly, put false at the end and it still returns #N/A even though the barcodes I match exist in both seperate files. I have made both columns text and both are in the first column. my formula is

=VLOOKUP(A14,'file:///C:/Users/Sven Arndt/Google Drive/DotActiv/Adcock OTC/2016/INDEPENDANT PHARMACIES/FERNGATE/DATA/Monthly Data/October.xlsx'#$Sheet1.$A$2:$H$432,4,0)

on a seperate note the text to columns doesnt function, follow all the same steps as I would in Excel, but no change. seperated by tab, text delimiter "

please advise

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answered 2017-02-01 10:43:53 +0200

sven gravatar image

for added reference, I opened the file in excel, wrote in the same formula. then opened it in LO and it worked. I redid the code next to the result in LO and it returned the results as requested. I opened a 2nd file and redid the code and it worked.

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