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What graphics card/driver/OpenGL combinations are supported by LibreOffice?

asked 2017-02-12 19:23:29 +0200

pointeur gravatar image

updated 2017-02-13 10:37:00 +0200


  • Windows 7 x64
  • LibreOffice 5.3 x64
  • AMD Radeon HD 4350
    • end-of-service
    • 1002:954f
    • driver: 8.970.100.1100 (Catalyst 13.9)
    • OpenGL 3.3

Using the above mentioned graphics card, OpenGL support in LibreOffice 5.3 is disabled. It is possible to force-enable OpenGL support, resulting in much better rendering (for certain fonts). However, I do observe some rendering glitches. Since the graphics card is EOS, I can't blame LibreOffice. So, I'm looking for a newer low-budget, passive graphics card (preferrably of AMD's). But which? How do I know model X isn't blacklisted for OpenGL support in LibreOffice again? Over at, I couldn't find any information as to what graphics card are supported other than

1024x768 resolution (higher resolution recommended), with at least 256 colors

Any pointers to supported or blacklisted graphics card/driver/OpenGL combinations would be welcome!

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2 Answers

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answered 2019-12-12 05:31:30 +0200

Camper gravatar image

To further clarify how to disable OpenGL in LibreOffice: Open LibreOffice (Safe Mode) > Tools > Options > LibreOffice > View. Uncheck the box for "Use OpenGL for all rendering"

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answered 2017-02-13 11:20:22 +0200

You may find which combinations are blacklisted here:

However, this doesn't mean that any other is supported. LibreOffice performs some tests to check if OpenGL works as expected on target system, and so it may disable OpenGL on specific system based on that test.

And even if tests don't reveal problems, they aren't exhaustive, and also bugs happen, so glitches may appear.

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Interesting fact about multi-level blacklisting. Thanks!

pointeur gravatar imagepointeur ( 2017-02-14 18:52:11 +0200 )edit

BTW, the bug I'm observing has already been filed by someone else as Glyphs from a text selection, or the sample text overlap each other in preview pane of the Character dialog. Seems to be a bug in LibreOffice, not a driver issue.

pointeur gravatar imagepointeur ( 2017-02-14 18:59:06 +0200 )edit
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