cell's place-in-doc url != cell's referenced value (Calc hyperlink?)

asked 2017-02-19 01:47:05 +0200

Nicolas Cueto gravatar image

Am a new LibreOffice's Calc user weaning off Excel, who's already combed the forum/docs for an hour-plus on the topic of "hyperlink"...

Given a 3-worksheet spreadsheet "Nippon.ods" where cell "A11" of worksheet "H29.Ichigatsu" displays "¥66,360" though input is "=$'H29.Nigatsu'!J77", what LibreOffice magic causes that cell "A11" to become a clickable text-link to cell "B34" of sheet "H29.Sangatsu" of the same "Nippon.ods" spreadsheet?

I know this can work in LibreOffice as well as in Excel because I imported a "Nippon.xlsx" version. But, though I've tried "hyperlink" in a variety of ways with LibreOffice, I've given up and thus submit myself to the mercy of the forum...

Thank you.

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