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how to preserve formatting across save and reopen

asked 2017-02-24 16:19:41 +0100

Godel Fishbreath gravatar image

using version: Version: Some of the following may be old, it was true the last time I wrote here. Build ID: d3bf12ecb743fc0d20e0be0c58ca359301eb705f CPU Threads: 2; OS Version: Windows 6.1; UI Render: default; (OK Win 7 is what I think I have) Locale: en-US (en_US) I have a short story I am submitting to a magazine. The magazine uses this format: Note that the first page does not have a page number or headder and the rest of the pages do. And that the first few lines are single spaced and the rest double.

I can get the document to be that way. Then I save it, close it, reopen it, and much of that is gone. It is in the wrong format for magazine submittal

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answered 2017-02-24 18:38:30 +0100

You don't tell which is the format you use to save your document. If that's not LO native format (ODF), then it may happen that round-trip is not prefect, and also it may be that you need to change your formatting a little. E.g., you may specify different first page format in several different ways: you may define different header for first page in the style; or you may define different styles and define their sequence; or you may insert page break with style. They may have different support on round-trip.

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