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Numbering Pages - HELP [closed]

asked 2012-12-10 14:33:36 +0100

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I need to enumerate only "leaves" in LibreOffice, and not "pages" as usual.

For example, in two-sided printing, if four pages, we have two folhas.Necessito that on the first sheet (page 1) appear number 1, and the second sheet (would page 3) appear 2, as the numbering the leaves and no pages.

That is, I have to count every two pages. So, appear on page 1 "Sheet 1", on page 2 would also be "Sheet 1" on page 3 "Sheet 2" and so forth pro ...

It would then be as follows:

  • The first page would display the number 1
  • The second page would display the number 1 (as would be the 'verso' of Page 1, and therefore the same sheet)
  • Page 3 would display the number 2
  • 4 page would display the number 2 (as would be the 'verso' of page 2, and thus the same sheet)
  • Page 5 would display the number 3 And so on ...

In MSWord could do this using the following technique:

a) In the header (or footer) of the page, insert a table with two columns and one row (ie, you will insert two cells side by side).

b) In each of the two cells, have Word insert the page number (it will create a field in each cell, and this field will display the page number).

c) Click the right mouse button in the cell on the left (just about the number) and choose "Edit field". A window will open with options field contents.

d) Choose the "Formula" and put the following formula for the field: = Round (Sum (Right) / 2, 0)

e) Ensure that the cell on the left displays the number you need (ie, the number of leaf).

f) If everything is OK, set the table to not display lines, and change the font color from white to another cell in order to hide it.

But in Br.Office Writer could not use the same technique. Does anyone know how to help me?

Thank you in advance!

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answered 2013-04-08 09:06:19 +0100

this post is marked as community wiki

This post is a wiki. Anyone with karma >75 is welcome to improve it.

I only know a solution with some chin ups (not far away from the steps you mentioned): a) create a single row 2 columns table b) To cell A1: 'Insert -> Fields -> Page Number c) Go Cell B1: F2 -> "<a1>/2" (F2 for Writer formula input, Input without quotation marks, of course) d) cell number format for B1 = "1234" (0 decimals) e) some styling: text white or covered by white rectangle, table borders, ... ready

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