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How do I remove some/all images in Writer using "find and replace"?

asked 2017-02-27 02:49:34 +0100

anand gravatar image

I have been looking this for a long time but couldn't find any easy solution. I really like "find and replace" feature in MS Word. Possibly this is the only feature keeping me away from libreoffice.

I want to remove a few/all images in Writer. How could I do that? in word I simply have to find ^g.

Thanks in advance.

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2 Answers

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answered 2017-02-27 07:01:20 +0100

updated 2017-02-27 07:02:24 +0100

Try AltSearch extension.

Note that the last version (1.4.1) may not work because of a bug: missing patenthesis (if you replace +chr(10+chr(10) with +chr(10)+chr(10) in Local1.xba, it will work).

Also you may use Navigator to remove images without any Find/Replace.

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Thanks for sharing the extension. That works for replacing one by one string but when I hit replace all it gives runtime error:

BASIC runtime error. An exception occurred Type: Message: .

oTmp = AltSearchDoc.GraphicObjects.getByIndex(i) ' objekt obrazku

anand gravatar imageanand ( 2017-02-27 17:57:02 +0100 )edit

answered 2017-02-27 08:49:18 +0100

Lupp gravatar image

If you consider to use a "macro" you may adapt the one from my answer to this question. A dialog may be added.

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