Background table colour defaults to white for .docx

asked 2017-03-03 10:46:53 +0100

09williamsad gravatar image

I use a dark colour scheme for the Libre office programs.

For Libre Office Writer when I open a saved .docx the background colour of all tables will always become white, regardless of what it was saved as.

Saving in .odf does not have this issue and when I make a new table it follows the defined application colour (transparent).

This does not happen when using Microsoft Word, Google Drive, or One drive to open .docx documents.

Based on that this seems to be a problem with how Writer read .docx documents.

Here is an image of it, top table was placed before saving and reopening and the bottom was placed after:

What I have tried: Open office, same thing happens. Looking through the application colours to see if I missed something. Setting any colour related to background to transparent. Different ways of inserting tables into document.

Anybody have any suggestions or ideas that involving still using .docx?

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