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Which JRE for LO base 5.2?

asked 2017-03-11 18:53:12 +0200

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I’m trying to use LO base. After completing the brief set-up wizard, this message appears: LibreOffice requires a Java runtime environment (JRE) to perform this task. Please install a JRE and restart LibreOffice. Which JRE shall I install? (I believe I already installed one and it hasn't been recognized.) I am using a PC with Windows 10 home, version 1607 and Libre Office 5.2. (I am intelligent, but don’t know much computer-speak. Please reply in Libre-Office-for-dummys terms. Thanks!)

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2 Answers

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answered 2017-03-11 19:20:50 +0200

Ratslinger gravatar image

First, from the menu select Tools->Options. Under LibreOffice select Advanced:

image description

Make sure Use a Java runtime environment is checked. The if you have the necessary version installed, you need to select which (if more than one installed) to use by clicking the circle to the left of the JRE version.

If there are no items listed AFTER checking the box, you have an incorrect Java version or none at all. If you are running a LO 32-bit bersion you need a 32-bit JRE. If you are running a LO 64-bit version you need a 64-bit JRE. Install and check this screen again.

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thank you!

bjbellamy gravatar imagebjbellamy ( 2017-05-14 06:14:03 +0200 )edit

answered 2017-03-11 19:18:20 +0200

floris v gravatar image

I suppose that you downloaded the version of LibreOffice that's offered by default for your language/country. In that case, you can safely download the most recent JRE from Sometimes that will not work. If it doesn't work for you, read on.

Unfortunately, this is one of the few cases where you can't avoid using technical language. Computers store data in chunks of 'bits' - entities that can take only two values, true&false or 0&1. Nowadays almost all computers use chunks of 64 bits, but older computers still work with 32 bits, and therefore many programs are still made for 32 bits. LibreOffice for Windows comes in two flavors: 32 bits and 64 bits (you can use the last only if you have 64 bits Windows). Java also comes in two flavors, 32 bits and 64 bits. The point is that any program can only work together with a Java version when both are 32 bits or 64 bits. So, if you have 32 bits Libre, you need 32 bits Java. If the install file for Libre contains 'x86_64', you have the 64 bits version, if just 'x86', it's 32 bits.

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thank you!

bjbellamy gravatar imagebjbellamy ( 2017-05-14 06:13:55 +0200 )edit
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