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Toc in headers

asked 2017-03-15 23:20:16 +0200

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Hi there! I am working on a document which is supposed to get something like a navigation bar. It includes all the level on headings and the level 2 headings of the current chapter. To avoid too much copy and paste in the process, I had anchored a frame to an header element, so that the navigation was technically part of the header (although it really appears on the left hand side of the page). Until here, everything worked fine. When it came to a page break, the navigation was automatically copied because it was part of the header.

Now to my problem with this solution: When I export it as a pdf, the links only appear once in the document. That means for example: Chapter one has two sections. Section one is linked in the navigation on page 5 and section two in the copy of the navigation on page 6. Not both section in both toc's.

The issue is just in the pdf. The writer document has the links everywhere and they lead to the correct headings. I also tried exporting with openoffice. That worked fine as for the links, but of course destroys a lot of my other formatting. I want to avoid creating this template again for openoffice, and I want to avoid using openoffice altogether tbh :P

Anyone an idea how to solve that? Or what openoffice might be doing differently there?

Thanks for reading and taking an interest in my problem!

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answered 2017-03-16 06:37:44 +0200

Please file a bug report at Bugzilla with an example attachment (to allow easy reproduction), description how you create the sample (to allow developers to reproduce from scratch), desired results, actual results, generated PDF to show what you get, and which versions (of LO and OpenOffice) you used to test. Also make sure you tested with latest Fresh, to see if it's already fixed in it.

As you say the output is different both from ODT and from PDF generated by OpenOffice, this most definitely is a bug that requires fixing.

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