Set default `input required` property?

asked 2017-03-18 00:02:28 +0200

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Is there any way to change LO so that Input required....... defaults to Yes instead of No?

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Context: When creating forms with table controls, image description

Note: On page 8 of Getting Started with Base - BaseTutorial - Creating a relational database.pdf it says, "By default, Entry required is set to No." But if you manually create a form, and manually add a table control it seems to default to Yes.

Motovation: For me, most tables work much better if they can be filled in little by little, as data becomes available, e.g. a whole record OR a cell here, a cell there. I would think that LO should honor the allow nulls property in the underlying tables, but it doesn't seem to.

Where I've already looked: Tools Options... LibreOffice Advanced Open Expert Configuration

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