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Table of contents for ebook

asked 2017-03-20 11:19:08 +0100

Glenduckie gravatar image

Good morning - I'm formating an e-book. I have successfully created a ToC, but it shows page numbers which will not be wanted in the ebook. When I convert this text to .mobi or ePub, will this ToC convert successfully also? I propose to convert it using the Calibre program. Is there anything I need to do first? (Please, keep it simple! I'm nobody's idea of a geek.)

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answered 2017-03-20 15:13:04 +0100

gabix gravatar image

Try: a) not to create a ToC; b) export to FictionBook2 using OOoFbTools.

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answered 2017-03-20 22:13:20 +0100

LibreTraining gravatar image

The ToC you have created in LibreOffice is not converted into the ePub ToC.

Generally the ePub Device ToC is either automatically created by the conversion software (based on the Heading 1, 2, etc.) or it is manually created by you in ePub authoring software.
Some ePubs will have an In-line ToC which appears in the text area.
Again, some ePub editing software can help create this.
When you export HTML from LibreOffice you can also export a ToC page, but I do not know how you would get the links working properly without manually editing the HTML.

So you can keep the ToC there for now so you can find your way around your document while working on it, but you will probably be deleting those ToC pages either before or after conversion to ePub.

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I took the ToC out, but l left the Heading style in place at the top of each chapter. I converted to ePub through Calibre, and the result had no ToC. My original solution - generating a ToC in LibreOffice in the normal way - worked fine when converted to ePub. There was the ToC in the ebook working nicely. The only thing wrong was the presence of page numbers which, of course, in the e-book were meaningless. I just want rid of those page numbers. Can I create a ToC without page numbers?

Glenduckie gravatar imageGlenduckie ( 2017-03-23 11:52:24 +0100 )edit
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