How to save multi pages on downloaded documents

asked 2017-03-21 16:30:09 +0200

Every document with multiple pages only downloads the first page. It also downloads to Libra draw.

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You're talking about PDF, I suppose? Please give more details. PDF is not really editable in Libre, but you can do a little of it, but only in Draw.

floris v gravatar imagefloris v ( 2017-03-21 20:18:16 +0200 )edit

When I try to download any document only the first page downloads. It shows the number of pages that there is. i.e. pages 1/33. Only the first page is visible.

practical help gravatar imagepractical help ( 2017-03-22 10:01:34 +0200 )edit

This does not appear to be an LO problem.

Please give the web site and the file you are downloading.

JohnHa gravatar imageJohnHa ( 2017-03-23 18:41:17 +0200 )edit