Problems with printing labels

asked 2017-03-30 16:08:52 +0100

Mandoleer gravatar image

I've come to LO from OO 4.1.3 because of the trouble I had there with labels. (At the Print screen, the page size was always 'User' and the margins totally idiotic.) Here, I get an A4 page size,and the margins are OK for the Avery L7159 template I'm using. However, when I come to print, there's only a 'New document' button. This means I have to reset the typeface from the default TNR to our style font, reduce the size to 10pt, insert an 8pt blank line at the top (having a label printing default of right at the cut edge is daft IMO), and moving the margin of the text in away from the cut edge (otherwise the 1 in the number 18 (house number) can get lost in the cut). Then I can synch and print. Why can't I save the one 'new document' and reuse it again and again? Or are they hiding something?

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