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How can I prevent draw from adding text over existing text to any pdf I open? [closed]

asked 2017-04-02 01:39:19 +0200

gringolet gravatar image

I'd like to reorder some pages in some pdf s of scanned documents but every time I open one, Draw will put text over the existing text and handwriting (of which there is a lot), resulting in page upon page of gibberish that would take far too long to delete. I've looked through all the settings but can't find a way to stop this. Is there a way to prevent Draw from adding any text, recognizing handwriting, etc. automatically?

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answered 2017-11-01 07:36:55 +0200

KH gravatar image

Can't exactly visualize what you're describing, but in any case, Draw is not a PDF editor. If you want to reorder pages in a PDF, choose a program meant for that job. (Google is your friend.)

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