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how to create links in footnotes to material "above"

asked 2017-04-05 12:19:31 +0200

Hey thesis/dissertation writers: How do I keep a track on material I've written "above" in an ever lengthening document? I want to create some kind of link to the material in a footnote, but if I add the page number now, it will change... I'm guessing there's a work around that avoids endless editing/re-editing. Any suggestions?

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answered 2017-04-05 13:10:39 +0200

putt1ck gravatar image

Try using Insert > Cross-reference.

Many ways to use this - if the document has numbered paragraphs you can just use those, so in the footnote, go insert -> Cross-reference, select Type "Numbered Paragraphs", then select the paragraph you want to reference and select the preferred option from "Insert reference to" (the number is good in this scenario and should update if numbering changes)

If you have no useful reference points currently, you can set a reference manually. Select the text you wish to reference, choose "Set Reference" from Type, and name it appropriately, then in the footnote you can choose it from Insert Reference. You can choose a reference style from "Insert reference to", including just the word "above" if the file is being distributed electronically as it will be a hotlink.

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