Import multiple pages of images? Stops at one.

asked 2017-04-09 19:59:33 +0200

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I have this problem with ms word as well...

All I want to do is important a series of images.

First problem was, when I imported an image I often could not get the cursor to pop up below the image. I found a way around this problem by choosing to set the image within the text so I could import the next image below it.

But then once I got to the bottom of the first page I couldn't set the cursor below the image. If I import a third image lo sets it over the previous image. I can't open a second page of the document because I can't set a cursor at the end of the first page. So thus far it is impossible to create a multi page document of text and images, unless I type a block of textra then press on the enter key above it to force lo to open up a second page.

This is driving me completely batty. There must be an easier way, can I set the document to not have page breaks? Should I give up on writer and use the draw application ? I want to use lo writer for this kind of thing so I can make scrollable pdf documents to use with a tablet. I prefer writer because I can format text along with images and I don't have to deal with setting canvas size plus clunky text formats in graphics apps.

Any advice appreciated, thanks!

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