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I am attempting to write a simple program in base. Unfortunately, I need to insert a piece of information using a macro. However, the method that I used (below) for a select query did not work, and I cannot use the properties window to link the fields to the database (I need more control over the statement). Is there a way to do this?

The method I used is:

DatabaseContext = createUnoService("") DataSource = DatabaseContext.getByName("Laptops")

If Not DataSource.IsPasswordRequired Then
    Connection = DataSource.GetConnection("","")
    InteractionHandler = createUnoService("")
    Connection = DataSource.ConnectWithCompletion(InteractionHandler)
End If

Statement = Connection.prepareStatement("SELECT ""username"",""password"" FROM ""Users"" WHERE ""username"" LIKE ? AND ""password"" = ?;")
ResultSet = Statement.executeQuery()
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Hi Anonymous, Did you ever find a solution to your problem?

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