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asked 2017-04-13 10:18:22 +0200

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Hello page succession on my screen is the other way around. I can switch from a single to a multiple pages view, however when pages per screen are two or more they get displayed from right to left. E.g. if I have a two pages per screen view I see nr. 3 to the right and nr. 4 to the left, if I have a three pages per screen view I see nr. 3 to the right, nr. 4 in the middle and nr. 5 to the left. I checked here no success. GA

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I also am experiencing this situation in Writer using multi-page view. I have searched for a method to change this. This used to show pages in a Left to Right order, but after I clicked on Book View, now it only displays multiple pages in a Right to Left order. This is frustrating.

Sunil1 gravatar imageSunil1 ( 2017-06-23 16:59:56 +0200 )edit