"text forwarder is invalid, model might be dead"

asked 2017-04-13 16:09:04 +0100

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I intermittently get a pop up error dialog that says "text forwarder is invalid, model might be dead" after typing into a cell in Calc. When I dismiss the dialog LibreOffice closes. When I start it back up, it offers to recover the document I was working in, but if I recover it, then I get this message every time I make a change. This means I have to discard the recovery and start over. Anyone know what's going on?

I tried upgrading to 5.3, but that hasn't stopped the error.

PS - I'm on Mac OSX

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I see that this is two years old but I just got the same error.

Libreoffice Version: MacOS: 10.14.5

edbro9 gravatar imageedbro9 ( 2019-05-21 01:54:44 +0100 )edit