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Can LibreOffice open adobe documents?

asked 2017-04-19 14:51:13 +0200

phyllis gravatar image

updated 2017-04-22 05:58:28 +0200

EasyTrieve gravatar image

my computer will not open adobe anymore. i needed something similar to adobe. when i open the pdf file, it is just grey and blank.

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answered 2017-04-20 03:51:53 +0200

robleyd gravatar image

I assume you mean PDF files - if this is the case, LibreOffice is not a good tool for reading PDF files.

Use your favourite search engine to search for PDF reader for whatever operating system you use.

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yes that is what is what i meant. great. thank you so much.

phyllis gravatar imagephyllis ( 2017-04-20 14:12:44 +0200 )edit
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