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how to save odg to pub, doc

asked 2017-04-19 20:26:31 +0200

Smoney gravatar image

Drew a test box with test numbers. save as had no pub,doc,pdf

Looking to add win 2007 pub. winoffice has other items, funny no .pub

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answered 2017-05-10 05:40:28 +0200

librebel gravatar image

Hello Smoney, LibreOffice Draw can open .pub files for editing but not export to .pub, since it is a proprietary file format from Microsoft. However you can export your Draw test box with test numbers to PDF, using the menu "File:Export As PDF...". The "Save As..." menu only saves native Draw formats, you need the "Export..." menu to export to a foreign format. Further supported export formats for a Draw document are:

SWF - MacroMedia Flash
BMP - Windows Bitmap
EMF - Enhanced Metafile
EPS - Encapsulated PostScript
GIF - Graphics Interchange Format
MET - OS/2 Metafile
PBM - Portable Bitmap
PCT - Mac Pict
PEG - Joint Photographic Experts Group
PGM - Portable Graymap
PNG - Portable Network Graphic
PPM - Portable Pixelmap
RAS - Sun Raster Image
SVG - Scalable Vector Graphics
SVM - StarView Metafile
TIFF - Tagged Image File Format
WMF - Windows Metafile
XPM - X PixMap
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