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How change /convert pdf file (text & image) to writer (libre office)

asked 2017-05-03 23:04:13 +0200

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How change /convert pdf file (text & image) to writer file (libre office).

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answered 2017-05-04 03:11:43 +0200

krembo99 gravatar image

I know of many ways to do that - none of them is perfect, and none will work on all PDF files .

The most obvious method for simple files , is to simply copy and paste the text ( and images ) .

Caveats :

  • It will not work if the text is saved as curves ( "exploded " ) - but then again - no method would work for that .
  • it will also copy and paste all headers and footers text ( if any ) , which is a pain to clean if it is multi-page doc.
  • Special formatting / tables would not always produce expected results .
  • You would need a suitable pdf reader that actually allows you to copy and paste ( you can always try with CTRL+A , CTRl+V ) With images, the anchoring would not be retained , and not always would the copy even work ( mostly for me it does )

The next option is to use one of the many many available software, apps, or online services .

I am not sure if I should / could / would post direct links to any of them , but a quick search on google for "PDF to DOC" , "PDF to TXT" , " PDF to WORD" , or even "PDF2TXT" or " PDF2DOC" would guarantee to hit 100's of results. So do that at own will or risk ..

Caveats :

  • Very similar to the above mentioned . Depending on the single implementation of the chosen solution - it would probably work well on text , but less so on special formatting or images ( or tables ).

There are several other ways ( import as XHTMl, then export ; using heavy-duty third party software like Adobe Illustrator etc .. ) , but I think that for a normal-user with normal-use-case , the above is enough to try as first remedy .

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