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Wrier - Linking to another document

asked 2017-05-16 09:14:17 +0200

Erland gravatar image

I got several different document of different chapter of book. Somehow this chapter are linked together but not in correct order. How do I change the linking order of these document.

I know this is linked document because it displayed Page 1 of 7 (Page 4) and it's correspond to another total page number of another document and changed with it too. Also the numbering of the subchapter also linked to one another although in wrong order.

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answered 2017-05-16 09:19:36 +0200

updated 2017-05-16 09:20:02 +0200

Possibly you are referring to master documents? In that case, you may take a look at this help page and look for "To reorder the subdocuments in a master document" in To Edit a Master Document section.

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