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how do i change the hyphenation symbol [closed]

asked 2017-05-18 00:05:38 +0200

Jlovick gravatar image

updated 2021-06-14 21:26:22 +0200

Alex Kemp gravatar image

I have the unfortunate need to include computer code in my document, occasionally the lines are longer than the width of the page, I turn on automatic hyphenation through format-->paragraph-->text flow,,, etc and this works great, but it uses the "-" as a hyphenation marker, I would like to change that to a symbol not used in my code, such as U+21B2 (↲) to make it clear the line is wrapped.

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answered 2017-05-18 12:20:37 +0200

Lupp gravatar image

First of all I would use a dedicated paragraph style for code (using a monospace font and setting a right aligned tabstop at the end of the line, e.g.) The paragraph style be 'psCode' now.

For lines of code not soft hyphenated in advance: After the hyphenation I can search for paragraph styles with psCode and then switch the 'F&R' back to RegEx search and enable 'Current selection only'. Now I can search for the inserted SOFT_HYPHEN characters with \u00AD and replace them with whatever I want (\t e.g. in my example) . You may vary this, of course, as you need it.

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answered 2017-05-18 11:03:14 +0200

librebel gravatar image

updated 2017-05-18 11:08:39 +0200

Hello Jlovick, I'm afraid that the hyphenation symbol can not be changed using the GUI. I also looked around in the LibreOffice API, but couldn't find any method to change the hyphenation symbol. In the source files there are several hyphen characters defined:.

0x2011 NON-BREAKING HYPHEN ( = CHAR_HARDHYPHEN in swtypes.hxx )

0x00AD SOFT HYPHEN ( = CHAR_SOFTHYPHEN in swtypes.hxx )

0x002D HYPHEN-MINUS ( = CUR_HYPH_POS_CHAR in hyphen.cxx )

As an alternative to hyphens in your code text, you could use "soft hyphens" instead.

Soft hyphens can be entered within a word by pressing Ctrl+Minus(-).

Words with soft hyphens are only separated at the end of a line at the point where a soft hyphen has been inserted, irrespective of whether the automatic hyphenation is activated or deactivated. (https://help.libreoffice.org/Common/F...)

The soft hyphen is automatically hidden when the word does not need to be hyphenated, unless the option "Display of Soft Hyphens" is set to True via the menu "Tools : Options : LibreOffice Writer : Formatting Aids". In that case it is shown in a grey box.

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