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Is there a *.xlsx Filter Option? [closed]

asked 2013-01-04 02:14:27 +0200

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updated 2015-08-29 21:44:05 +0200

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I am trying to adapt the python UNO converter from ODS -> CSV to do ODS -> XLSX instead based upon:

link:1 link:2

I found that the filter "MS Excel 97" works to create a *.xls file, but no obvious permutation of "Microsoft Excel 2007/2010 XML" seems to create a *.xlsx file?

I did try to find a libreoffice site analogous to the Filter_Options page above, without success. I also checked: link:3 link:4 link:5

Pointers welcome!



Thanks moggi -- "Calc MS Excel 2007 XML" worked!

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answered 2013-01-04 03:52:11 +0200

updated 2013-01-04 03:53:30 +0200

The filter is called

Calc MS Excel 2007 XML


MS Excel 2007 XML

You won't find any documentation about them on the OOo website because they are lacking the OOXML export filters.

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For me works this way:

/opt/libreoffice4.4/program/soffice --nologo --headless --convert-to xlsx:"Calc MS Excel 2007 XML" cablevision.csv
JuanRios gravatar imageJuanRios ( 2015-10-30 00:31:46 +0200 )edit

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