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how to make stand-alone slide show with impress

asked 2017-06-10 23:45:36 +0200

sequimbob gravatar image

I am trying to build a slide show. I have it built and saved as an odp file. But when I click on the file it opens it up for editing. How do I get it to run as a stand a lone slide show?

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answered 2017-06-11 08:30:49 +0200

As described in command lines options (available with soffice --help), there's --show argument that starts an impress presentation. There may be a context-menu entry for that in some desktop managers (e.g., "Play" entry in Windows right-click menu).

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answered 2017-06-11 08:21:15 +0200

Run the slideshow with F5 (or start slideshow).

If you want to play only you can save it as an autoplay format (my advice, stick with the odp format).

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