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I use Active Directory but I don't configure LibreOffice to use it, because I don't need it.


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Sorry, Yes Windows Server 2008 R2 x64

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2014-04-14 10:44:53 +0200 asked a question Extensions all users disable


I'm installing LibreOffice in a server that may to use some users. To avoid future problems, I want to disable that function the users can install extensions to all other users.

Somebody knows how it's does? In case this it can't be done, how I can disable extension manager?

Thanks and regards

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2014-04-09 11:21:42 +0200 answered a question Admin configuration

Hi Regina,

I think that the copy of specification can help me a lot. I review that and I tell you if solves my problem.

Thanks and regards.


Finally, I have found the way to do an admin configuration in libreoffice and I have found a lot of bugs around this theme. I try to explain it.

In LibreOffice you have a lot of properties to config the application. These properties are defined in 3 levels, the default config, admin config and user config. The first one is defined with files .xcd in /$baseinstalldir/share/registrey/. The second one is defined with .xcu files in /$baseinstalldir/share/registrey/data/org/openoffice/. The last one is in the user directory and is defined width .xcu files. All files are an xml simple file, and the schema are defined in the links that shares Regina.

The way to look up the name of the properties, it's configure LibreOffice with the user interface, and then see the registrmodificacions.xcu file in the user profile. The Schema of the registrmodificacions.xcu and the .xcu files for admin configuration is a little diferent. I put an example of two files to configuring one property.

Example of registremodificacions.xcu

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<oor:items xmlns:oor="" xmlns:xs="" xmlns:xsi="">
<item oor:path="/org.openoffice.Office.Common/Misc">
    <prop oor:name="UseSystemFileDialog" oor:op="fuse">

Example of enterpriseconfig.xcu

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<oor:component-data xmlns:oor="" xmlns:xs="" oor:name="Common" oor:package="org.openoffice.Office">
<node oor:name="Misc">
    <prop oor:name="UseSystemFileDialog" oor:finalized="true">

Another thing to comment is the way to set a property and restrict users to change it. Simply is adding oor:finalized="true" in the definition of the property like in the example. But, this thing have a lot of bugs. In some properties, when you add oor:finalized="true", the user interface crash....

I expect that this article helps anyone that needs to do an admin configuration. If someone needs more information about this theme, contact with me and i can help him.


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2014-04-08 12:57:00 +0200 asked a question Admin configuration

Hi, I'm a Systems administrator in a city hall. We are trying to deploy LibreOffice and we are looking for deploy an admin configuration. We have found that it configs with ".xcd" and ".xcu" files, but we haven't found a lot information about how it does and the files format.

We are trying to deploy the last version of LibreOffice in Windows 2008 R2 operationg system.

Can anyone helps us.

Thanks and regards.