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Thanks, I moved it to the appropriate section, but the formatting there is not as pretty... feel sorry for people who have to read it; so I gave them a link to this to read in rich text if they prefer.

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Thank you! I had gotten busy and forgotten all about this post. Great response. Wish I could vote it up, but it says I need 15+ point to vote up.

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2012-05-14 00:41:00 +0200 asked a question Preserve paragraph/line spacing when converting rich text to plain text

Is there a way to convert a document with rich text (.doc, .odx, .rtf) to plain text (.txt) AND keep the original paragraph alignment?

It doesn't have to be perfect. Keeping only the alignment of the paragraphs first line by means of spaces or tabs would be ok. But, if using spaces/tabs, would there be a method to distinguish between the tabs/spaces which are part of the original document and those which are merely used to preserve the original alignment?

For example, assume a rich text document has indentations create NOT using spaces or tabs, but only the indentation settings on the ruler, like this:

  • image description

  • image description

  • image description

As alluded to above, one possible solution would be to write a script that identifies the indentation of each line (ie .5", 1", 1.5"...) and places the correct number of spaces to fill that length.

Assuming this is the only method to it is probably not possible to completely preserve the formatting (ie only the first line would have the correct spacing, but upon word wrap, spacing would be thrown off).

Any ideas?

Thanks, Matthew B.

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2012-05-12 05:16:34 +0200 asked a question text folding, pretty please!!

Request Summary:

For brain storming, outlining, studying, code writing, drafting documents, or helping the reader brief documents quickly, Folding text seems like a must! It makes those tasks (just for starters) a breeze. Please add folding text functionality to the next release or give advice on how to make add-on.

For folding text examples and explanation see:

  • Wikipedia uses text folding on their mobile site, notice it at
  • Wikipedia claims it is used in many modern "text ediotrs", but those are like word pad and notepad++ and are not anything like a word processor/desktop publisher .
  • wiki mobile-
  • Explanation of text folding: Text folding allows a user to collapse one or more characters, sentences, paragraphs, etc, so that (though still existing in the document) it is not visisble, but is instead represented by a simple symbol (like a "+" or a "{...}"). Clicking on that simple simble will expand the text.

Why am posting this request on this forum:

Have been waiting for this feature in a decent word processor, but have only found it in one lightweight mac program and in script editors. I really need it to make my word processor more useful: studying, outlining, coding, etc. Don't like having to switch to different programs to do one task. Also, the programs which already offer this feature are EXTREMELY poor word processors. Wan't a program that can do both.

Please make an extension/add-on to add this feature, advise how to make the add-on, or incorporate it into the next release.

Detail of features that should be added to Libre Writer:

  1. General Folding text (you know like in NotePad++) capability.

  2. Different Modes of toggling Folded Text: MarginSymbol and/or Inline Summary

    a. Margin Symbol - like NotePad++ (click plus in margin to expand, minus to fold)

    b. Inline Summary-. This method will show a customized summary item which represents the hidden text. The hidden text can be shown/expanded by right clicking on the inline summary item > then clicking the context menu option "show all". Collapse the expanded text by right clicking on the text > then clicking on the context menu item "show summary".

    Txt summary item may be either:    
     i.   PreDefined text (ex, "+", "note", "...", "Summary", a bullet).
     ii.  Auto Enumerated (ex "exhibit", "exhibit2", "par1", "par2").
     iii. Auto Summary of...
             text's First Paragraph,
             text's First Sentence, or
             until page full, but not ...