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2014-08-10 20:12:28 +0200 asked a question Site: Why is openID redirecting to Ubuntu One?

I used to post here not a month ago, using my openID (via Launchpad). If I try to log in again now, I am simply redirected to a login page for Ubuntu One.

=> Does this have anything to do with AskLibO, or should Launchpad be doing something funny (which it has at least not announced anything in that direction.

The only way for me to log in now is to recover my account ... not comfortable.

2014-05-31 16:24:50 +0200 commented answer Preserve text and vector images when printing to file

Tesseract is a back-end for OCR software, and it seems to be made to recognize characters in raster images. One software that builds on Tesseract is gOCR, but that requires images and will produce text files -- I have no images but a PDF file with glyphs, and I don't want a text file but a new PDF file with proper (searchable) characters.

2014-05-31 15:11:20 +0200 commented answer Preserve text and vector images when printing to file

There have been bug reports and feature requests since OpenOffice 2.x, along with promises of features. I have more or less given up hope by now. I used to have an account, I made a launchpad account to submit the same thing for LibreOffice, and now I'd have to make a bugzilla account for LO, while my hope keeps fading ... I've had lots of long discussions on mailing lists (and I hate mailing lists!) three years ago, and since then I've just used the workaround. It's easier.

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2014-05-26 16:24:01 +0200 answered a question How do I edit Draw graphics included in a Writer document?

Not quite sure if this will apply, but I had a similar problem and solved it by copying the drawing into LO draw, editing it, copying the new esult into the same frame, after deleting the old version. Since all references go to the "1" in "Drawing 1", they're not affected. The fiddly bit is to align the new drawing in the old frame, but that's solvable.

Usually, though, I circumvent this by using .eps files: export as eps from draw, then embed that in writer, using a link, not copying. Thus, when you update the file and reload the writer file or update dependencies, it will pull in the new version. EPS, of course, has other problems (prints fine to PS printers, but hard to convert to PDF without rasterizing, is also not displayed well within Writer). Maybe these days using SVG might be a better idea, depending on what the contents of that drawing are. Might be worth a try.

2014-05-26 16:17:06 +0200 asked a question Preserve text and vector images when printing to file

I've got a rather roundabout process (in LO 4.1 but used since 3.x) to have EPS images be preserved as vector images in a PDF: Print to PS file and then convert to PDF using ps2pdf -dAutoFilterColorImages=false -dColorImageFilter=/FlateEncode -- the regular PDF-export cannot be convinced not to convert them to nicely anti-aliased raster images (whose resolution I have no control over) that of course look crappy in print.

So far so good, but now (with printing already underway) I realized that text in the PDFs (already in the PS files) has been turned into vector objects and can neither be marked and copied nor searched for. This is only true for some fonts (Bitstream Vera becomes vector drawings, Linux Biolinum and Helvetia don't!). Sadly, I can't change the font types now as that would mess up the layout.

=> Does anyone know a way to keep EPS images as vector objects, PNG images as uncompressed bitmaps and characters as characters? Or is there a way to add the lost information to the PDF after the fact? Some sort of OCR process that works on vector images instead of scanned bitmaps?

2014-05-26 15:55:50 +0200 answered a question Wie kann ich eine defekte Datei retten?

Deine Frage ist ein wenig unspezifisch, aber ich versuch's mal:

ODT-Dateien sind Zip-Archive von Verzeichnissen, die XML-Dateien und andere Inhalte enthalten. Du kannst also einfach das Komprimierprogramm Deines Vertrauens benutzen, um sie zu entpacken und Dir den Inhalt anzusehen. Da drin findest Du dann eingefügte Bilder meist als .png-Dateien, und den Text-Inhalt in der Datei content.xml Das beste Programm, mit dem man sich das angucken kann, ist für mich Opera, zum Editieren gibt es einige Dinge, aber LibreOffice selbst scheint mir der einzige Editor zu sein, der mit der idiotischen Zeilenlänge zurechtkommt, die die Dateien intern verwenden... (.d.h.: Mit anderen XML-Editoren kannst Du Dir den Inhalt ansehen, aber wenn du anschließend speicherst, ist sie meist nicht mehr gültig...) In der Regel ist das beste, was man als nicht-Experte hinbekommen kann (und dazu zähle ich mich selbt), den Text und eventuelle Bilder rauszukopieren und in ein frisches Dokument einzufügen. ... hoffe, dass das hilft.