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2014-07-02 12:24:06 +0200 asked a question Clickable posts in a form table in BASE

I have a form with a table view of posts. I want to be able to click on a specific post in that table and by that open a form to edit that post. I only managed to make the whole table clickable and get it to open the correct form, but of course it displays the last post.

Thanks! /Göstapopoulos

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2014-06-07 22:21:55 +0200 asked a question Base - populate a date field and a time field with "now"

In my form i want a date field and a time field to be populated with current date and time as default. How do i do that?

Then i have a second datetime field. In the form i want to have a text field (or a dropdown maybe) in which i type in a time differens in minutes, in relation to the first field, and the result to be stored in the second datetime field.

That sounds messy, here's and example:

First datetime field: 2014-06-07 23:00
Text field: 10 (this is a time differens in minutes)
Result stored in second datetime field in the db table: 2014-06-07 22:50

Does it make any sense?

Should i be considering another db backend instead of the standard one in base when dealing with different timestamps? Like "created at", "updated at" and so on?

Thanks! /Göstapopoulos